GenDTL is a code for designing a linac section based on Alvarez structures. It helps to tune the field amplitude and the phase laws of each tank of the section. The input parameters are the following :

  • frequency,
  • particle type (charge and mass),
  • initial and final energy,
  • beam current,
  • the drift tube geometry,
  • quadrupole characteristics if needed.

For optimization processes, it is possible to constraint by setting a maximum field, a maximum power per tank or the phase advance per period. The computations of the code are based on the transport of generating particles in EM fields computed with the SUPERFISH code. The integration f the motion is performed with the Runge Kutta algorithm (order 2). Each generated linac is described in the .dat format of the TraceWin code. A lot of chart describing the linac (power, transit time factor, field, shunt impedance…) where zoom, hardcopy, save on disk, scale change, copy-paste tools can be used. The present version of GenDTL is only win32 compatible but it has been used with an excellent stability with the wine emulator on several linux distributions (you need to install the win32 version of SUPERFISH).

GenDTL in action