Toutatis is a PIC code for simulating the transport of intense ion beams in a Radio Frequency Quadrupole. It computes dynamically the motion of the particles and the electric field by solving the Poisson equation using a finite difference method. The Poisson solver is accelerated by a multigrid technique. The 3D geometry of the electrodes is embedded in the mesh by using irregular nodes at the boundary vacuum/conductor. The image effect and the impact of the mechanical default can be then accurately evaluated. With Toutatis, it is also possible to estimate the effect of coupling gaps. The variable for integrating the particle motion is the time. This integration is performed with the help of a symplectic transformation. One important feature is the possibility to inject different beams (charge and mass) simultaneously.

Toutatis successfully simulated the RFQs of the Spallation Neutron Source (USA), the J-PARC linac (Japan) and the Low Energy Demonstrator Accelerator (USA). Each time Toutatis is executed, a .dat file is generated that can be used as input for the TraceWin code. To run it with the GUI, only for linux Platform, you need to install Tcl/Tk 8.4 or higher and BLT 2.4 first. Mainy charts describing the linac (average aperture, modulation, voltage law, …) are made available as well as features like zoom, hardcopy, save on disk, scale change, copy-paste.

Toutatis in action